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How to size a three-panel patio door?


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I'm new to some of the resources in VW and need advice / help on drawing a patio door for one of my projects. I've gotten as far as the three panel patio door type in the "Doors" resources, but cannot size it correctly.


The desired unit consists of a fixed glazed panel in the center 80" wide by 80" high. On either side are sliding glazed panels 32" wide, for a total combined width of 144". This provides two means of access to a balcony beyond and better ventilation in the room.


Thanks in advance for any help.


RLB in Brooklyn



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One way to do this is to create a symbol from broken up parts of doors created from the door tool. 


Because the panels are not equally divisible - the two smaller panels are not 1/2 of the larger panel - you need to initially create three doors from which to chose your parts from. Door #1 could be the framed opening of 144” x 80”, any configuration would work but I would just choose a two panel slider, then create a 160” x 80” two panel glass slider, Door #2, then create a 64” x 80” two panel glass slider (figure out your rail widths and input those to the #2 and #3 doors if different from the default)


Line up the doors on top on top of each other in plan view with some space between them and note (measure) how the panels (rails) line up against each other and the position of the inside and outside panels and then go to an isometric view (this must be done if you are drawing in 3D) select each door individually and select MODIFY>CONVERT>GROUP>Don’t convert sub object to groups for each door. You will be double clicking to then get into each group. Door #1 delete the two panels, it becomes your correctly sized frame opening, Door #2 select and copy one door panel and paste it in plan view into the center of Door #1 group (double clicking to enter the group frame object) as the outside fixed panel, and then enter Door #3 group and select copy one panel and paste it in Door #1 group in plan view with the inside rails overlapping against the center large panel as the active, inner panel and against the frame/edge of the door, mirror that panel to the other side. Delete door groups #2 and #3. 


Select all (they should be all in one group) and create a symbol making sure to select the break walls mode. Now you will have your odd sized three panel door that will insert correctly. 


It sounds (reads) like a lot but you will find you can actually do this quite quickly once you’ve gone through the process once or twice. 


Good luck. 

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