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Symbols "Draw 3D Only"


In the same way that Truss and Curved truss objects have a draw 3D only check box , which hides the 2D component, making the object rotatable in 3D; would it not be a good plan to add this parameter to 2D/3D Hybrid symbols, thus making all symbols rotatable in 3D?

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What would be great is if the autohybrid concept was internally implemented to the symbol, so that as you rotated it in 3d the autohybrid would regenerate the 2d view.  

Take that a step further and have all of the text that appears in 2d be accessible via the OIP, allowing you to move it, and edit it, and you have a really kick ass symbol.  

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I agree.


Your text idea is great.


I am a little cautious with the Auto hybrid function as it can take an age to regenerate a 2D view, especially if the symbol is complex. In Spotlight that could get complicated with Instrument symbols as well....

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I agree that for lighting symbols one doesn't want to change the 2d portion to reflect the 3d oriention, they are more "schematic" than true plan view.  So perhaps it's an option.  

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I agree with this -

Draw 3d only

Draw 3d and AutoGenerate 2d (AutoHybrid)


But please lock in the AutoHybrid so it doesn't autogenerate every time you nudge, move, mirror or upset it in any way.

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