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Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

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This is sad but reassuring. I agree and echo nearly everything here. As much of a VW evangelist I have been over the years the time/lag frustrations have had me investigating other options. I toyed with switching to Sketchup a few years ago but Sketchup seems to be falling apart.  Each year we all seem to hold out hope that the next release will fix the performance issues. I've been using 19 since it came out a week (2?) ago and have not noticed any performance improvement despite the multi-threading which I was so excited about.

On the other hand, In my desperate desire to find a hardware solution to my issues over the years I've managed to build myself a pretty impressive workstation  that all the other software I use runs like a jackrabbit on.

I just wish there were less lags with VW. That's the #1 issue for me--that little delay after you click something or exit a dialogue. All those little 2 second delays add up to hours over the course of a big project. Especially when you renter or click twice thinking you missed and end up with two copies, one that you now need to delete, or whatever. That and the constant need to update viewports. And I have cashe on and the RAM to support it. But the candy stripe of doom haunts me. 

I'm into this program for 15 years and $12 grand or so (not to mention all the hardware 😉 so I'm loath to walk away. But shelling out a grand a year to stay current (something I only do so I can teach the current version to my students) is getting harder especially when so little changes. (remember when software companies would would release a new version every few years when they had a major upgrade. "I just got Photoshop 2 and it supports color!")  It's one thing if you're a big architecture firm where that licence upgrade is just a minor operating cost but for us in the arts and education its expensive. I've asked about a VW Lt--something even more stripped down than Fundies, but was told there were no plans. With Unities and Unreals and Blenders and Kritias out their how long is it until an open-source CAD program comes along that can do everything VW does (or more... or even half). If a "Layout" plug-in and some sort of parametric controls for Blender appears I might throw in the towel. 

I just hope for the sake of the software that I have been so loyal to over the years that VW  gets sorted out before that happens. 

8 hours ago, lgoodkind said:

  If you have a lot of objects in your resources library or have a custom workgroup library AND especially if it is on a network drive you are going to be driven mad. 

None of these are true for me and I still have performance issues. Single workstation, no drop box and I only have a handful (usually a few textures and lines) in my manager at any one time. 

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I am with you on this Sean. I am 20+ years into this with having 2 and sometimes 3 licenses. It’s really difficult to consider moving to another platform, but VW has become quite painful on a regular basis. 



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There is but 1 reason to force a buggy release every year - $$$.  So what do we do about it?  If you are an architect why aren't you using Revit with lumion or VRay?  If you are a landscape architect have you looked at LandFX lately?  There are alternatives, none are perfect but you don't see this level of angst on their user forums.   I don't think this corporate behavior is sustainable and will eventually correct itself one way or another.



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Is it just a matter of $$$ or is it that VW is so bogged down with years of legacy code and functions that it's basically a lost cause hoping it's ever going to transform into something modern and fast?

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Despite this maybe being my first post here, I've been a Vectorworks user since 2002.  I've used every version since 9.5 and for me it's seemed to get faster or better every release until about 2017.  Since then it's gotten significantly slower every year.  2019 is absolutely unusable.  


While I came from the lighting industry, I now do product design for the residential A/V market.  The only reason I've stuck with VW instead of switching to Solidworks is that VW is familiar and cheap, comparatively speaking.  And until now, there hasn't been anything I couldn't do in VW, despite having some funky workflows compared to what it would be in SW.


FWIW, I'm running on a late 2013 mac pro with a 12 core xeon E5 and 64GB of ram.  While this thing is ancient in modern technology terms, it should be fast enough to render the drawings I'm making in seconds.  In VW 2019, something as simple as deselecting a viewport can cause a spinning wheel.  An export of 3 pages of final shaded polygons will take 30-40 minutes with a relatively small object and a complex object just crashes the computer entirely.  


Vectorworks, Please.  Echoing what a whole bunch of other people here have repeated ad nauseam, make a functional system before you add any more features.  You all need to regroup and figure this out.  PLEASE.

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