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Door ID Tag Text Size

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In my project floor plan, I've placed a number of doors.  However, the ID Tag text size is microscope, so much so that it's not visible on print outs.  As far as I can tell, there is no way to change the size of this text, and my current work-around is to create a group of text within a circle, drop that in all my doors, and edit as I go, which is hardly efficient.


Attached are screenshots of my problem.  Any help is appreciated.

2018-07-10 09_14_58-Vectorworks Architect 2018.png

2018-07-10 09_15_37-Vectorworks Architect 2018 - [18009_VA_Sioux Falls_Building 38.vwx].png

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Set your Design Layer to a scale more or less matching your viewports. IAC not 1:1. I use as my standard scale for most of my project 1:50 in the Design Layers now the scale factor to my viewports is not too huge to get all nasty moving of of text and other ill effects.


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you can control that label in design layer: size if the circle is set via "info" box and then the text via text pull down menu.  You can control this label in the viewport via "advanced properties" in the info box with viewport selected.  There are treads regarding this issue, but in the end there is no perfect solution, problem being that if you use the plan at 2 different scales then you will have a label size issue.


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Thats all fine and dandy... but this problem still exists in 2018... what do you do when the door ID tag appears in multiple scales?   For example, design layers are scaled at 1/16", enlarged plans are scaled at 1/8" and 3/16".   How does VW accommodate multiple scales for door and window ID tags?  (and why isnt this automatic yet?)  Do we really have to paste our own tags over what VW seems incapable of handling?

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