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Is it possible to edit the Point Load or Distributed Load colors to match the default hoist colors? It is almost maddening to insert an audio hoist and have it default to yellow and have an audio point load default to red.

I have tried to adjust via class and it won't change.

Any ideas?

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Hi Michael

There are 2 ways to this that I have found,


Method 1: to directly edit  the point load or distributed point load symbol in your document and right click on the symbol. Then select "edit 2d component" and in the edit screen select the part you wish to edit, change the color then exit the symbol. The problem here is that you will have to edit each symbol individually as the symbol does not appear as a resource in the resource manager.


Method 2: would be change the color for the audio hoist symbols to match the color set in the load tools. To do this use the resource manager to find the audio hoist symbol or symbols in your current document. Staying inside the resource manager use the same editing process as in method one and save the hoist symbol. This will then update all the instances of this symbol in your current document. If you want to use this symbol for future plans it can be exported to your favorites or another .vwx file by right clicking on your edited symbol in the resource manger and using the export command.




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Yes, I know all that. Question is - why are the defaults different colors? Shouldn't Audio colors remain the same throughout the program? Why make them one color in one part of the program and another color in another part of the program? 
Seems a little inconsistent.

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