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Plant symbols / planting plans / density


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Hi all,

I've searched for this but to no avail (but don't believe it's not been answered already - apologies for potential duplicate).

I'm a VW3D newbie, and when it comes to getting plants into my model, I see two main ways:

1. Image props

2. Plant  symbols with 3D data


In terms of having a good workflow and saving on duplicating effort, it would be far more preferable to place all my plants with the Plant Placement tool. I have been creating new Plant Symbols for ones not included in the libraries, and using Image Props as their 3D data, or bringing in a transparent PNG.


My question is this:

In order to get a plant density that looks great in the 3D model, the plant spacing has to be ridiculously tight. Like three times tighter than you would ever do in real life.

Is  this unavoidable, or is there a clever trick I'm missing?

What do you guys do to get round this?


Thanks in advance!



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