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Lighting Symbols Disappearing

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I'm having an issue w/ my VW2018 spotlight.  I had VW lock up on me and did a force quit.  When I opened it again a bunch of my lighting instruments seem to be disappearing.  They will reappear when I toggle classes (any classes) on an off, but will disappear when I try to zoom in or go into a 3d view.  I have 3d viewports that still display the instruments correctly, but when I try to edit the design layer via the the viewport the instruments disappear again.


I thought it was something wrong with the symbol geometry, so i tried to re-import the symbols into the file, but I didn't even get the usual "this symbol already exists..." message when I reimported.


Any thoughts?

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That has been an ongoing bug since at least 2017. Exceptionally annoying. “Refresh Instruments” generally solves it. I believe the initial intent of that command was to update symbols when you did things like swap instruments or whatnot. That is perhaps understandable, however, it has become a constant workaround for this issue. Command / is the keyboard shortcut. Did I already say exceptionally annoying?  

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I have had the exact same issues. It doesn't happen all the time, but quite frequently. It typically happens if I zoom out some of the fixtures go away. I have to turn that class off and back on again and they reappear, but if I zoom they go away again.


I too noticed that starting to happen in 2017.


I agree with you Scott....VERY annoying!  Not acceptable when you are drawing a lighting rig and the instruments disappear at will.


Vectorworks can you please fix this problem? I paid $3,200 for the program and almost $700 each year for service select.  I feel that this should be fixed.



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