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Question about using 2D Polys to 3D Source Data

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Hi there.

I am going through this tutorial: Adding Source Data with 2D Polygons or Polylines


I have selected all my contour lines.

I go to Landmark > Survey Input > 2D Polys to 3D Source Data

when this dialog pops up the contour line that is automatically selected is one way up in the middle of the site instead of starting with the line I selected first.
Additionally, if I hit 'Next',  it then starts selecting all kinds of random lines that I did not even select! in the first place!


If I delete everything but the contour lines it still selects a random contour line in the middle of the site and skips around whenever I hit the 'Next' button.


my contour lines are all on the same layer, there are no other lines or polys on that layer.


I wonder if anyone has any insight about this problem.




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There are a long time since i last used the this command but i think it selects object based on stacking order. If you choose one 2d polygon and send to back (cmdB) it will be the first one chosen.  So if you the file is not too large you could arrange the stacking and then run the command. 



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Yes, this command relies on stacking order. Two suggestions: Copy and Paste In Place in order each of the polys (contours) in the source data. This can be time consuming on larger sites. Or, for about the same amount of time, do a simple Convert To 3d Polygons, then enter the elevation (Z value) for each 3d Poly.


Just FYI, you can select any 3d Poly and change its Z value in the OIP at any time (preferably before running Create Site Model).


One additional note: Very often 2d polys in imported surveys are sloppy (discontinuous; broken by text; etc.) and therefore require clean up and management before running the Create Site Model command

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