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Symbols with embedded Marionette

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So I want to create a series of symbols that have Marionette wrappers embedded within them. The marionette wrapper would take data from an attached record defining the shape and depth of the symbol. By doing this we can have one symbol that is for all telecom hand holds and by changing the records the marionette wrapper would change the shape and depth of the symbol to match. We could then have one standard top view for a legend but on dimensional control plans we could show the accurate size and have a worksheet that quantifies all the hand holes by size. Not sure if all this made sense but the is the gist of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

0485 services symbols.vwx

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It's probably easiest if you start out with a defined record in your RM instead of creating it within the Marionette Object as you have in your file. You are off to a great start, though! Just need to plan out what the requirements for the object really are.


My thoughts:

  1. Create record format with the fields you want to use
  2. Create symbol with a Marionette Object that reads the values from that attached record to define the shape(s) within (this would not be bi-directional with the Marionette input fields, only the record fields would be editable)
  3. Edit the Record Fields of the Marionette Object(s) you want to resize

We *may* be able to do a bi-directional object, but I think that gets out of sync too often. We could also decide that instead of the Record Format defining the shape that the Marionette Object will update the fields of the record, but then you wouldn't be able to make corrections directly from a worksheet report.


I have an object floating around on the forum *somewhere* that does something like this, but I haven't gone poking around to see if I could find it.

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Any update to this?


I'm trying to do something similar. I have a symbol with a marionette object inside. I want to be able to change the dimensions of the marionette within a symbol without all the other symbols changing. To accomplish this I'd like there to be a record field in the symbol that can be changed to update the embedded marionette.

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