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How can I replace the content of an auto hybrid using "set parent"?

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You have to browse the container-nesting of the object to find out, how they are nested. Sometings the Content node works, sometings you need commands like vs.GetCustomObjectProfileGroup(objectHand) etc.

As you can see, the autohybrid from an extrude is pretty good nested. Try first to replace the object (delete and set new object to it's parent). Maybe you have to reset object after that manipulation. Or maybe you will crash if you delete the content and do not attach a new contend (maybe start with add an additional object to the exitsting).


Not tested any of this, but that's the way I would try to crack the riddle. 




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Got it

Your Autohybrid content has it's own origin you have to compensate this. My first script works but the autohybrid is already wrecked. by use parent node wrong. So be careful what object you put in what other object. Worst case you put them somewhere you can't delete them anymore.




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