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Label Legends and Text Size



I am new to using VW 2018 and am having a hard time figuring out how to change the size of the font in my Label Legends. I have poked around and tried things but the text in the Labels all stays the same size even if I Refresh Instruments. Any advice? 


Many thanks!

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There are two basic ways to set text attributes, which also works for most other elements.


Label legends are just symbols with special database links. When editing a label legend select the field and set the font, size, colors you want. This should now apply to all instances of that legend. Yes a refresh will probably be needed.


The other way is how the default legends work and is what I prefer, most of the time. When editing the legend note the classes that the text is on. In fact VW will often create new classes for you as you build a new legend and that text will default to use the class settings. Check your existing legends and set the attributes to be "by class". Then editing the classes will change the text. While this is an extra set up step it lets you change the settings globally very easily and you can even override them in sheet viewports. All very handy!

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