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Double Clicking on PIO


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How do i show my dialog instead the default dialog when double clicking on a plugin object?

In VectorScript this is quite simple, but here it isn't.

Intuitively i would think i just have to overwrite override a method of the VWParametric_EventSink.

Do i have to use another EventSink specific for clicking? (as there is one for panes)

Thanks in advance!


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1 hour ago, Stefan Bender said:

you need to overload XXXRegenSink::OnSpedialEditID().

Thank you for your reply, but, i don't have a XXXRegenSink in my SDK, i'm using Vectorworks 2015.

I already tried to overload VWParametric_EventSink::OnSpedialEditID() in my subclass but it didn't seem to work.


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32 minutes ago, Stefan Bender said:

This class should be a lot older than Vectorworks 2015. It's in VWFC/PluginSupport/VWExtensionParametric.h.

Maybe your plug-ins are not using this class and are based on some older classes and structures.

Which SDK version are you using then? Why does the name of the class starts with 'XXX' and not 'VW'?

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Hi Nebeor,


This class should exist in all SDK versions since several years. I'm using VW 2018 and VW 2019 (probably not released yet) SDK.


>>>Why does the name of the class starts with 'XXX' and not 'VW'?


There's no actual class "XXXX...". XXX means just the name of the plug-in, as you have to derive your own class "XXX.." from the base VW class and overload some of the virtual functions.


I don't know if there's a documentation, but you may wish to hava a look  at some of the sample plug-ins.




Stefan Bender


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Hello Stefan, Maybe i wasn't very clear from the beginning.

I'm doing exactly as you told me, it's just that it doesn't work. if I double click, i just receive the default dialog that says: choose component : path or profile(because it's a 2D path object), instead of executing the code that i putted in my overridden function.

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10 minutes ago, Stefan Bender said:

Did not set properties kObjXPropSpecialEdit and / or kObjXPropHasUIOverride in your OnInitXProperties handler?

This was exactly what i was missing, it is actually the same as it was in VectorScript.

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