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Window symbol won't invoke Edit Roof Elements

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After creating a rough model for analyzing for a project I've made a window symbol (several, in all iterations, just for testing anything that might work) on my project's roof, and then all kinds of simple roofs, again just to try to make something work and I cannot for the life of me get my window symbol to attach to the roof and invoke the Edit Roof Elements>Edit Dormer dialog box. The only window that I can get to work is a generic widow from the resource browser but it is not editable after the dormer is created and will not create a dormer if I try to customize it. Creating a generic window from the window tool will immediately invoke the "you must use a 3D symbol to create a roof element" when placing it there but the 3D window symbol I've created does nothing.


What simple thing am I missing here? Do the classes or layers have to match up?




Figured it out- Sometimes you just have to follow each step in the directions lol

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