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mac os mojave beta



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11 hours ago, zoomer said:

Tanks for the early adopter experiences.



That's Metal 😉


Except that OpenGL support hasn't gone away or changed at all in current. It will at some point in the future but not likely in the next 2 years.


Edit to add:

Unless your being paid to do it. Running a beta is just not advisable.


VW pays people to suffer that fate, indeed some group of damned souls inside NNA headquarters is probably running VW2019 alpha or beta on Mac OS beta. Let them get on with it and go back to your High Sierra boot disk.

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To add.
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13 hours ago, Matt Overton said:

Except that OpenGL support hasn't gone away or changed at all in current. It will at some point in the future but not likely in the next 2 years.


That was a joke.


Yes, Support is gone away, as it it will no longer be upgraded or enhanced.

Yes, OpenGL is still there in Mojave.

If OpenGL will still be in any Mojave's successor, is solely Apple's decision.

It is likely that it will last some years, but Apple made a lot of other decisions

with negative impacts that I wouldn't bet that it will stay for many years.


But now as you mentioned ....

So why will VW be so noticeably slower in first Mojave Beta ?

I don't think there are many critical changes in CPU usage that could slow

VW down very much.

I rather tend to think that they indeed deactivated OpenGL in the first Beta

and now every former UI interaction and display, previously running in GPU

hardware acceleration, now is running in slower CPU Software

emulation mode.


Just to give developers a small glimpse of how the future of their Software

will look if they don't do what Apple told.



(Just pure speculation)

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Beta's are fuzzy at the edges, Vectorworks is an edge case that uses very little system UI and who knows what over cross-platform tricks. So it could be almost anything and there are people in NNA and Apple who's job it is to find the friction.


I'll let them speculate and build test cases.

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Hello to all:


I install VW in each Beta I tested before to preview if I must update all my software when the final release appear.

In my experience, working since VW 2008, when update to Yosemite must update to 2014, after that with El Capitan, 2016 was the choice. Now I always operate with High Sierra Beta, and VW 2017 works perfectly. But Mojave is other thing because Apple left to work with Open GL and CL, then I think some troubles will appear using Metal.

For that, I suggest maintain High Sierra to work efficiently.



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if it's an opengl issue, then maxon will have to switch to metal for cinerender, too. because there comes archicad as well...


i only hope that mojave will improve for this issue, because for the new computers it'd mean to go back to the previous os versions.

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OpenGL will still be available in Mojave and maybe in further macOS releases too.

And OpenGL is also available in the Beta. Didn't read of any problems with other

OpenGL software so far.

As Jim said, it was just a Problem with a indigestibility of the Object Info Palette's

Code that made VW lag.


As far as rumored, C4D will do a Metall version for Apple

(or Apple may help and do it (partly) for them)


Nearly all 3D DCC or CAD App on Mac (or in general) uses and needs OpenGL

and is therefore effected in some way by Apple's decision.

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lacking apple support for opengl _is_ an issue for macintosh machines, and a big one.

and, regardless of opengl presence in mac os, it really matters if vw still keeps opengl for the future releases or not.


the sooner maxon introduces metal for cinerender, the better.

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Testing Mojave as well, also with VW2018.

I can confirm that it is lagging a lot. Turning off the Object palette helps and as a workaround you can enter Values via right click-> properties.

Also I noticed that since the newest Beta it looks like things speed up a bit but it is still slow but workable.

But apart from that startup is quite slow as well.

Haven't found any other major problems by now.


If you really need VW2018 fully working and you don't have a different computer than your productive system then absolutely DON`T update....

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I see strange lags when working with Navigation Palette,

but can't see anything spectacular about the OIP so far.



Mojave Release is macOS 10.14 (18A391).

I read that latest Beta was something like (18A398) already.

Does someone have the release number of the macOS Beta where VW ran well or better ?

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