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Does anyone do freelance work?


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Hi All,


I am trying to find someone who does freelance work, specifically to build a 3D model in VW. I have 2D dwg files (floorpan, elevations & sections), I now need to turn those 2D drawings into a 3D model. Anyone interested in the work or know someone who models in VW & does freelance work ,I'd appreciate if you could let me know! I can provide more details to interested candidates.


Thank you,


Ally M.

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Hi, I'm a new product developer. I build working models and prototypes of new items - mostly toys that I license. I have a growing group of licensed products. I am looking for individuals to provide VW drawings for new designs. I have pictures, sketches and dimensions,  of the new items. I'm looking for individuals interested in this work on a free lace basis. Please reply with your availability.


Don Glass, Collider Ball, Inc

Duluth, GA 30096

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Dear All,


I am an architect in Sydney looking for a vector works specialist to work with on an amazing project in the hunter.


Can you please get in touch on 0411595661 or email at steven@un-fold.net if you are interested or know anyone you can put me in touch with.


I would like someone in the Sydney area.




Steve G



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