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Is it possible to join these four walls?



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20 minutes ago, Kevin McAllister said:

I couldn't get it to work directly but I did find a possible workaround depending upon your wall alignment. Add a small diagonal wall and join everything to it.





Ah, cunning.


But when you zoom in is the geometry quite correct? eg on my example I end up with this:





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1 hour ago, line-weight said:


I tried this and it wasn't happy - see attached screen recording.


(Same happens whether I use T or L type join tool)




That's very weird. I did exactly what you did using your file and it worked fine the first time. However after I changed to a 3d view and then back to Top/Plan again it started to misbehave and I kept getting partial or full cap lines on certain joins. I think there might be a bug with Jonathan's method. It looks a lot like the problems I was having with wall protrusions that I detailed in a recent thread.


I couldn't get my method to work either with your geometry.






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9 minutes ago, zoomer said:

^ That is what I thought too.


Imagine different Wall Thicknesses and different Wall Stiles that you

want to join in a special order.

Like when one of the 4 edges is an outside and you need an insulation Layer.

Yes exactly.


Although I've mostly given up trying to use wall components in general; it's too much hassle trying to get them to work for the kind of buildings I do.

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