Yes, linear Layers or classes are a bit 90ies. I don't know how ACAD users can live with their Layers only, perhaps there is a filter option and they have their Layer states. Like VW Saved Views but I think you can hide unwanted Layers that way.   VW has its hierarchy but its limited to "-" separator and very unreadable.   I think even simple coloring would help Navi Palette.   What I see more and more in parametric BIM Apps (e.g. FreeCAD) is similar to how any 3D App with their Object Managers/Item Lists work. (C4D, Modo, Max, ....) There you have to build your hierarchy manually by sorting to groups. And these have 3 Visibility States : - Default/Unchanged (=parented) - ON - OFF So you can shut off the hole content of a parent group folder (like in VW), while having the option to still force a single element to be visible by forcing its visibility to ON, which overwrites the parent settings. And you have access to any single Object. (Like I don't want to see any Walls - but Wall37)   Bricscad Structure Manager goes a bit further in a way that Hierarchy, Sorting and Filtering are done dynamically and automatically. This is very flexible. You can build your own Presets for any sorting to switch for current interests. Like : - sort by Buildings and or Stories - sort by Wall thickness, material, fire rating or structural vs non structural - hide all things like Doors and Windows. This way you can easily navigate, to find things like Elements that have no IFC tagging or any characteristic you like. And "isolate"Visibility to your selection.   In VW you can also separate Stories by Classes and Layers. And "isolate" Objects Visibility by Saved Views. Works very easy and fast. But if you also separate by Buildings you will get another set of Layer duplicates in a linear list and it gets clunky. While in the other system you can combine any number of sorting characteristics behind each other. Like : Filter is : BuildingX + StoryX + ObjectType + MaterialType + ... The needed Folder Duplication in the Tree happens temporarily only and automatically on the fly.        
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