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I think you're talking about apples, oranges and pears.  Renderworks works great for what it is, an internal render engine for VW.  Artlantis is the next step up to achieve photo realistic renders and Twinmotion is a whole other ballgame that makes models in scenes come alive.  What is it that you want to present?  And who are you presenting it too?  Answer these two questions and I think you'll have our answer.  Twinmotion in my opinion is brilliant.

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As being someone who dabbles in Artlantis, I had recently found out that Artlantis 7 is not totally compatible with Vectorworks 2018, as there is no exporter provided by Artlantis that exports from Vectorworks 2018 to Artlantis 7.  When you download the latest add on from Artlantis, it natively only exports to Artlantis 6.5.  Of course you can open an Artlantis 6.5 file in 7 but I do not know if there are enough differences between those two releases to cause problem. Plus when you make changes to your Vectorworks model and want to updated the Atlantis file, it again will only export as a 6.5 and your working file is now a Artlantis 7 file.


I have found that some wall component classes from VW aren't transposing properly to Artlantis 7 through the 6.5 route.


Artlantis has stated in their forum that they will not be providing an update to the 2018 exporter for native Artlantis 7.  They are unsure about Vectorworks 2019 to Artlantis 7.  I find this troubling, especially on their website they describe the add-on for 2018 as Artlantis 6.5 and 7. It feels dishonest to me since I paid to upgrade to Atlantis 7 on the basis they had an Artlantis 7 add on for 2018.


I have sent 2 emails and posted on their forum asking for more info on the VW 2018 / 2019 compatible add-on for Artlantis 7 with no responses in weeks.





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When watching their presentations I understood it something like this,

VW has no more direct Exchange like in the past or other CADs may have,

and the export format would be FBX or such,

but that would still provide some kind of Exchange capability where you

can update your VW geometry without loosing all your previous work

in Artlantis (?)

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But I agree on the Exchange thing.

Even a one-direction Exchange like to C4D is so much more worth than

a standard Export, even if it would be lossless.

That is why since VW I had to ditch my beloved Modo and had to go with

that C4D instead.

(Which later showed also some other benefits for my Archviz anyway)


Beside using Visualization Workflow enhancements, higher level 

Cameras, Lights and Library items than what VW RW offers in 3D Render App

additively, which is not the problem for Updates,

you will edit Materials/Mapping, Object Organization, even edit Geometry

or add Modifiers -  and don't want to lose that work and have to redo everything

again after updating your project.


Without Exchange it is often better to renounce of the benefits of the one or other

App and work more limited - but in a single App only, without conversion efforts

and losses.


Like going Modo only, without the nice CAD and parametrical BIM Modeling.

Or for my special kind of work where change, updates and speed are more important

than render quality,

if VW would allow to comfortably publish pixel-sized Viewports from an infinity-sized

paper-less "Sheet"Layer Layout Canvas, the limited Render quality and options would

basically allow me to go 100% VW only with out a need for C4D.

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