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Title Box Manager Missing??


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Custom workspaces are great but add a layer of compexity for a true newbie. Afterall you don't yet know what commands you need most. Many folks prefer to stay with the default workspaces but switch between them for different kinds of tasks. 

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Im understanding the workspaces fairly well at this stage. I have worked with CAD programs before so the concepts and principles all make sense.

I am finally in a position career wise where i can dive deep into the vectorworks world and start improving our processes in my Department.


So, that brings me to my next question...


I trying to use the Export GrandMA Setup plugin.I have been following the Youtube tutorial by ACT Lighting. But the file that is exported is 0kb. and when i follow the process to load it onto MA3D, it says it was successful but zero objects loaded... I have tried over and over and played around with my numbers. Every fixture is a symbol used from spotlight. every fixture has an address and a channel assigned to it. I have looked at the video over and over and tried over and over step by step. and still it says this (Image attached)


I go into setup from here and nothing has changed.



ma import.jpg

vworks channel.jpg

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What I understand is that the plugin is something created by MA, not Vectorworks, so perhaps this is the wrong platform? Also, there is the advent of GTDF or General Type Data Format, which is still a few years before it matures into something useful, but hopefully then this VWX-->MA plugin will be a thing of the past.



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It is quite interesting as i have spoken to MA providers and on the MA forum. And they are saying that it is a VW issue. However, they are saying it is being resolved. I just feel it is taking a really long time.


Anyway, yes i have heard of GTDF. I think its a great idea!!

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