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Push/Pull Tool Impossibly Slow


Hi All,


Bit of a problem at the moment - For some reason the 'Push/Pull' tool is impossibly slow in certain files. Generally speaking the file I'm working on runs fine, I'm able to work on it smoothly in Open GL mode and thats how I'm working for the most part. However, for some reason selecting the 'Push/Pull' tool causes my system to all but freeze up (in any rendering mode, including wireframe).


If necessary I'll record a video, but it basically shows the following:


- 2 Storey building with some simple doors, windows, stairs, a couple of references

- Roaming around and spinning about smoothly in 3D in open GL

- Find a simple cube which I want to extrude a little

- Select 'Push/Pull' tool

- Move mouse over to cube, but sit watching 'spinning wheel' of Mac loading for about 5 minutes.

- Nothing happens, give up and deselect. After another few minutes, system will unselect the Push/Pull tool and file works fine again.


Any ideas? Is this a known issue??




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P.S. I can use the tool fine if I open a new file with nothing in, so presumably this is some bug in the way Vectorworks tries to pre-cache all the possible pull/pull options, or examine every face in the drawing or something. Screenshot of file below.



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I think that wouldn't be the case when PushPull had an option to work on selected objects only.

That would also make face selection of (occluded) objects much easier.


My problem with latest VW releases was more that it failed to select any objects faces

in files with a certain complexity at all*, than speed issues.

(*until you used CMD+F for these (3D !) objects to bring them to front !?)

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35 minutes ago, Kevin McAllister said:

There was another thread about this (and possibly a bug submission). The other thread is here -

Thanks Kevin, Looks like I didn't search hard enough when looking for an existing thread earlier..

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1 hour ago, Asemblance said:

Thanks Kevin, Looks like I didn't search hard enough when looking for an existing thread earlier..


Hopefully it helps you find a solution. I have a feeling that the bottleneck is related to selection highlighting which may still be coded as single thread.



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Please vote that other thread up, anyone else having problems with this. It's one of the things that causes me the most headaches at the moment. I find it impacts heavily on how quickly I can draw stuff and is a constant irritant/frustration.

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