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4 hours ago, Rob Books said:

Vectorworks libraries>Objects - Ent Event> event tents.vwx.  There is an array of typical tents in there or you can look at how they were created to make one that fits your needs.


That said, it would be great to have specific manufacturers and rental houses inventory available with associated data records.

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9 minutes ago, VinceK said:

@Rob Books - Hi Rob, I do not have the full package manager. I can see the tents folder but nothing in them.


that is strange everyone should have access to that file, it was released in Service Select, so has no fingerprinting or other restrictions to it.

Event Tents.vwx

that is the 2018 version file.

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(unless I've speed read this and missed - sorry if I have) the quickest solution is to draw a rectangle (size you require @VinceK) and use AEC > Create Roof


I believe you have this (your signature says Spotlight) under the Architectural menu


Keep the thickness appropriate - Ive use 10mm only




A reasonable 'tent' roof is provided straight away. I assume you will have already drawn the walls/openings/window panels etc.





(Just an observation guys - no criticism😍) I have to say most tents described so far don't do it for me. I generally would want a more convincing drape to the appearance of the canvas to 'hit the money'.


For that level of modelling there are two really good in-depth vids on the VW site that take you through this.


Go to http://www.vectorworks.net/training/2017/getting-started-guides/freeform-modeling/subdivsion-tool-primitive-types-and-tent-roofs and you will see there's a 'part 2' to this.


Having said that - I appreciate many of the modern system built structures are more 'shed' like and flat surfaces probably are suitable.


More of a Boy Scout myself🤠


Hope this helps




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52 minutes ago, VinceK said:

I need to draw the braces for both vertical and roof brace. Have to be more detailing in them. I'll use the method you share here, and see how i can add in braces instead of lines.


Is this for internal visuals?


I think if you were to show us a photo..


On 6/22/2018 at 3:51 PM, EAlexander said:

Can you show an example photo of what you are trying to build?


 ..we'd be able to offer more help on the detail you require.



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On 6/22/2018 at 11:11 AM, Rob Books said:

Vectorworks libraries>Objects - Ent Event> event tents.vwx.  There is an array of typical tents in there or you can look at how they were created to make one that fits your needs.


The tent symbols I found in the Ent Event library are great, but I need several other sizes.  I looked into the symbols and see they were made with the "roof" tool?  I do not believe that spotlight users have access to this feature?  Is that correct? 

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Under Architectural Tools, "create roof" is greyed out. 

Under Building Shell, I do not see any roof tool.

Inspecting the tent symbols, it appears they were created using the roof tool.

Thank you for the assistance. 


Arch Menu.png

BuildingShell Menu.png

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draw a rectangle the size of the tent.

with the rectangle highlighted, activate the Create Roof command in the Spotlight>AEC menu

set the pitch and other items in the tool.

add in poles and other support through extruded squares.

set roof at height.  I added in the sides as extruded rectangles.

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