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I suspect it's some setting that I've done wrongly. Need some advice here. : )


When i'm working on design layer, I often have to use force select to Activate Class and Activate Layer. For example. the speaker is in 1 class and the subwoofer is in another class. I don't seen to be able to change the class, so when I needs to move the audio speakers, i have to force select the symbols or activate the class, and when i have to edit those audio subwoofer, i have to do the former again. It goes back and forth and i feel it's not right.


Same goes for truss and lights. Same design layer but they always falls into different class, and I always have to depend on "force select" or "activate class" to finish the drawing.


Very much appreciable any advice I could get here.

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This applies to any file in Vectorworks. You cannot select objects that are on Layers that are set to grey. The only way to select a greyed item is to use “force select”. If you want to use this setting then you need to make sure that the active layer is the layer you are working on. When you “force select” an item you are effectively make that item’s layer active.

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