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Installing Python Image Library in Marionette 2018

David O

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Which is the best/ correct method to have this Python package (PIL) installed into Vectorworks 2018.

I'm little confused because in the http://www.pythonware.com/ says that PIL is compatible only (at the most) with Python 2.6.

But Marionette's Python  is 3.5 , correct ?

But i've seen a few discussion in this forum referring to PIL installation ... 

Is there a common place in this topic ?


Thanks !





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  • Marionette Maven

We have a command in Marionette that will install Python libraries from a link to a .whl file.


I have a network in the Marionette downloads that should install PIL to your Vectorworks Python. In this network, the command is contained in the pink nodes. It can be found here:


However, I am having a hard time getting any libraries to download at this moment on my Mac machine. Please let me know if you are successful. All you need to do is run the network and say yes when it asks if you would like to download.

Python libraries are installed to your user folder in the Python Externals folder.


I should note that if this is not successful, Vectorworks may crash. Please have any other open files saved, or be sure to close them.

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  • 3 months later...

Has there been any progress on this? I would like to use The Image processing node, but any time I try to run it and do the PIL install, VW immediately crashes.☹️


Finding the right "Pillow" and manually installing it seems a bit dicey for a plain ol' Marionetter like myself......

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  • Marionette Maven


in 2019, the issue has been resolved on internal builds based on my testing, I don't believe it is fixed in the release. However, I don't believe 2018 has had a released fix at this time.

Windows computers should have no issues installing external libraries in any release at this point while using the correct version path.


Edit: I do need to update the file attached to this bug to get it to properly run in 2019 on Mac, still.




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