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Can't edit 3D roof object

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VectorWorks 11.1; Windows XP

I have created a hip roof-from-walls, then a cross roof-from-walls with gables. Now I want to remove part of the hip roof that is visible behind the gable (glass gable wall). I created an Extrude object to subtract from one roof face. But instead of cutting a chunk out of the face, it deletes two whole roof faces. The Extrude was only touching and penetrating one face. It also seems that any modification of a Roof causes it to lose some roof properties, such as different color eaves.

Why can't a roof object be modified like any other 3D object? Is there a way to achieve the end product without extruding a bunch of roof planes? Thanks,


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JHE: Try this: UNGROUP the ROOF OBJECT(S) and you will end up with a series of ROOF FACES. Go to TOP PLAN. By double clicking on a ROOF FACE you will be able to 'enter' and edit the polygonal shape from which it was created.

TRICK: In top plan view, create a 2d shape (what I call the "cliiper") that you will use in the next step to "clip surface" from the roof face poly. With the new shape selected got to EDIT>CUT. Next double click the roof face to enter the 2d edit mode. You will see the 2d poly that defines the roof face. Then go to EDIT>PASTE IN PLACE. You will see the new 'clipper' on top of the roof face poly. Now select the roof face poly, then shift select the pasted poly, then go to TOOL>CLIP SURFACE. Then delete the "clipper" poly. Then hit DONE (in the upper right) which will exit the edit mode. BTW, you can also use "ADD SURFACE" in the same way. Once you get the hang of it I think you'll find it easy, and maybe even fun!

Hope that helps!

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