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Open GL Views getting clipped

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This is happening to me in a large model.  I thought is was on account of the entire drawing being miles away from the internal origin so I spent 1/2 hour moving everything closer to the internal origin and now it is worse.  I can't even work on the file in 3D anymore as the view is just clipped off.  This is NOT a clip cube.  It even happens in wireframe. If when walking throgh on the groundplane I turn in one direction the entire drawing disappears. 

Unbelievably frustrating - something always seems to happen with VW when critical deadlines are upon us.  Should have stuck with Sketchup.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 7.13.18 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 7.16.26 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 7.20.15 PM.jpg

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Does it still happen if you switch to an Orthogonal view setting (not Perspective)?


Here is another thread on this topic which might have a possible solution:


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Yes, in the past it was seldom and only when far from origin

(Or GPU/Driver problems ?)


But currently there are more and more threads like this.

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I managed to move the content in all of the attached referenced files to the same point near the internal origin and this seemed to have solved the issue.  

So I guess it really is true - even referenced files with the user origin far away from the internal origin can cause this problem.

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This is happening again on the same model.  We've been working on this for a year now and keep running into the same problem.  Vectorwoks - I do not know of any other software program that has this issue.  If it is related to some referenced file being far from the internal origin what is the solution?  All of the referenced files have been moved close to the internal origin and yet walking around in OpenGl view entire portions of the model completely disappear.  So annoying.

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Normally this happens if there is any visible element far from origin or far from the rest

of the Model. Normally being visible when Zoom to Objects.

The resulting Model for display calculation will be so large, that the remaining resolution

may not be enough to display the (so relatively small) Objects properly.

At least that is my imagination.


But I think similar problems can also occur from things like very flat Arcs, that mean

very large Radius and Center Point being far away. Although you will normally not

see the Arcs Center in your View.

But I think it has to be included anyway for Selection or Snapping purposes.


Like I had larger Problems (Only in Camera Renderings) with imported ACAD Blocks.

As some where created out of scale, some of the blocks where scaled.

Their Geometry looked ok and in scale, but things like VW Selection Boundary

highlighting still thought they would be huge.

That caused some of my Cameras Rendering only parts of my own Geometry or

render without any Lights and such things, although the DWG was a) exploded

and b) behind my Cameras ....

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Zoomer- this is very helpful thanks.

I did in fact have an object on a civil drawing georeferenced miles away that was causing the problem.  Anyones else in our office without years of Vectorworks experience would not be able to figure this out.  I wonder if there is a coding solution to this?

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Maybe in a kind of C4D Viewport Workflow.

You manually have to set a View Depth suitable to fit your Model,

but nothing more to keep resolution high and resource consumption

low. Everything outside will be clipped.

But maybe it already is in such a way.

And if I remember correctly, in C4D, that usual View Range is always

from File Origin only, so no real way to optimize that View Range to 

a buch of geometry far away from File Origin, like DWG Imports.


But at least, when the main Geometry is around VW File Origin by

moving User Origin, such a manual clip Setting for View Depth

could avoid Display problems by just ignoreing any geometry rests

outside of the View Depth.

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