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Jim Smith

Please make object less "sticky"


For some reason many items, Door & Window objects especial, seem to be more "STICKY" than they were in past interactions of VW. This is very time consuming when numbering doors or windows as one must click several time on a blank part of a floor plan to release the door then select another door repeating this just to renumber doors. It seems the X key used to release an object now I often make a mistake with numbering as I think I've released an object only to find I've renumbered an already renumbered door.


To quote the old song That ol dark rum:  "I feel I've got a dog wrapped round my leg! "

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There was a thread with similar info and complaint, but I can't find it. Sticky can be a real pain. I think it's mainly related to work in the OIP interrupting functionality of the tools.


I find that if I have the Select tool active and an object selected, clicking into any text/numeric field in the OIP causes the "sticky" problem, which I do not remember in past versions. Same result with other tools.  2 clicks required.  1st click deactivates the OIP and reactivates the tool.  2nd click starts the tool action.


Here's a blow by blow example:

•Several objects exist in the drawing. Selection is tool active.

•Click on one object to select it.

•Move pointer to OIP. Click into any alphanumeric field.  This activates the OIP.

•Move pointer to hover over a different object in the drawing area. The object highlights.

•Click to select this different object. Fail.

•This 1st click deactivates the OIP (and activates the drawing area or the tool?), but does not select the object.

•Click the object again.  This click deselects the first object and selects the new target object.

•Sticky behavior manifests whether or not edit or add a value in the OIP field.

•It's not just the Select tool. Same results with other tools.


Perhaps someone using and earlier version will report whether this is unique to v2018.



Edited by Benson Shaw

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A follow-up on this thread. Please make the Door & Window ID's less fussy/constrained/sticky. It seems that I must ZOOM in to almost fill my screen with the ID tag sometimes to shift the Tag without moving the Door attached to it. Combined with the fact that in order to change the Numbering of a set of doors takes at least four clicks to change one number per door, makes a simple mindless operation take many times longer than it rightly should. 

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After a rigorous double blind test** I would like to bump this request up.



** Double Blind as I was doubly blinded with frustration after 352 attempts to release the Dimension tool only to unwittingly gab a PDF underlay, typing an X and deleting both as well as one string of Dimension lines I had been working on only to have to UNDO to get back to where I was before attempting to use the Dimension tool. Good thing my UNDO/REDO is set to 400.


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My pet sticky annoyance is when I want to change the mode of a current tool. Not sure if anyone else has this issue.


 I quickly mouse over to the mode bar and click on the required mode.

The mode goes half grey but doesn’t get properly selected.

A few seconds later after realising the mode hasn’t been activated I have to mouse back to the mode bar, focus on clicking on the correct mode with intent

Then carry on working.


I’m trying to use the shortcut keys to change modes for this very reason.

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