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Better section viewport line weight controls


It would be great to have better control over lineweight in section viewports.

Currently, I need to do a fair bit of drafting in annotations of section viewports to make them look right.


At minimum, I want to be able to have all cut objects given a heavy pen weight, while retaining their original fill.

At the moment, fill and pen attributes are tangled together in both the "Section plane" and "Objects beyond section plane" controls.


It ALMOST works by using viewport overrides to adjust class pen thicknesses (to a heavy line weight) and using the "Objects beyond section plane" controls.

Although this is a bit involved, using the eyedropper to copy my class overrides to each section viewport makes it a faster process.

However, adjusting the "Linestyle settings" in "Objects beyond section plane"  (to a lighter line weight) also adjusts all the fill hatch lines, not just the edge lines of objects.

If you have coloured hatch lines for example, they will all adopt the pen colour of the nominated "linestyle" class.

Removing Fill pen settings from the "Linestyle settings" would fix this issue.


A possible example of how it could work better would be:


Section viewport obj info palette, open Advanced properties

>Attributes, Section plane

>> Separate cross sections

>>>Use fill attributes of original objects

>>>> Y/N checkbox with class option for N

(here I would elect to use original object fills)

>>>Use pen attributes of original objects

>>>> Y/N checkbox with class option for N

(here I would create and choose a "Section" class with a heavy pen weight)

NOTE: This would only work if nominated pen attributes did not override any pen settings for the hatch fills (as this would lump the two together again).


It's is so close, but not quite there!

Currently I work around the problem by having two section viewports overlaid, but this is tedious.


Please please fine tune this one!?

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