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A problem with my viewports occurs more and more often, which is that at some point all viewports on all sheet layers in various of my project VW files disintegrate.

All viewports had already been previously rendered.


This results in all viewports now showing up in Wireframe = none-rendered, whilst still keeping their settings.


How st this even possible? 



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Assuming that you have ‘Save Viewport Cache’ enabled in your document preferences, I’ve had happen what you describe.


I can’t recall the exact sequence, but I think it happened if you are editing either the Camera, Annotations or Design Layer of a 3D SLVP, and do a bunch of undo commands that take you out of the SLVP. Then - all of my previously rendered SLVPs were now all wireframe and needed to be updated. So now I try to remember to not undo out of a SLVP.


I’m not certain, but something like that is what I did the last time this happened to me. 

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Hi @rDesign,

thank you for your reply and I think you are on to something.


Yes, I have ‘Save Viewport Cache’ enabled, which saves essentially time to re-render when coming back to the file again.


Whilst I haven't monitored what I do exactly when it happens, I think to recall it may be some work within the VPs and the 're-do/undo' command.

So many hours of rendering need to be invested again and again.

Super frustrating and time-consuming!  






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I've noticed this occasionally too. It seems to happen when I've been working with classes - deleting classes and reassigning objects, renaming classes, etc. Suddenly my viewports will become unrendered. Using the undo command somewhere in the mix seems to increase chances of it happening as well.


Doesn't happen extremely often - maybe once or twice a week.

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On 6/9/2018 at 1:36 AM, Andy Broomell said:

classes - deleting classes and reassigning objects, renaming classes, etc


Uuuh, yes classes, that's a good one ...


When I re-name classes whilst I am on a sheet layer or within a Viewport, then the program freezes and is at a stand-still for about 10-15 seconds.


Well just imagine me having about 80 to 100 Viewport renderings in one VW file, then the re-rendering time is about a day ...😱


And the Viewports rendering black - mine do something similar when I publish them having a black background whilst the drawing is rendered. Something I discussed on this forum a few months back, and which we then tried to solve by changes to the sheet layer and RW Style settings and so forth. 


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