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Service Pack Release Notes - Organized & Clearly Written


Please make the Vw Service Pack Release Notes to be organized by Category with each Fix clearly written in plain English, following the example of the clear and concise Maxon Cinema 4D Service Pack Release notes (LINK).


While the C4D example might be too generic, I think there is a balance between legibility and informative.


Current examples of Vw2018 SP3 Release notes:


VB-134114 - Crash in TParamConstraintMgr::AddNodeToDCMModel

VB-141185 - VWParametricObj::GetParamLocalizedChoiceFromString returns universal choices

VB-144799 - T01529:Cosmetic issue: Font of the Note section isn't displayed correctly on drawing area(Windows only)

VB-144917 - T01798 - Option to Merge with Structural Objects in Sections: Unwanted lines will be shown when merging with a stractural object.

VB-145180 - Interior Elevation error should be displayed earlier.


The way the majority of the Vw Release Notes are written mean something only to the Vw Software Engineers responsible for the fix.


To those of us filing the bugs and wondering if / when they are fixed, the Release Notes are unintelligible at best. 

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^ I think that too.


A small step for VW but a large step for VW users ... or so.

And I have an other App where lists of Fixes are also quite entertaining and fun to read.

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I think this is a decent idea.  It would be great to see them labeled or sub divided into the different aspects of VW like all that apply to Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals, etc.  I'm generally on the Architect side of VW so I'd like to quickly glance at all the fixes that apply to Architect.

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Another metoo here, sometimes I just save the fixes list and search for possible fixes using some keywords (e.g. dwg for dwg import/export related fixes) if there might be a fix that really matters (at least to me) for my line of work/workflow and I would like to know whether it has been done or not.

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Yes, its a nightmare trying to see if certain bugs have been fixed.

Unless you copy into a doc and search.

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