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re moving the mouse across the screen: well I use a 27" imAc and have not had any problem, thsi is probably because you can speed up the tracking, speed which upi can fine tun,  to go from one side of the drawing working are is around 30mm mouse movement at the most, usually though the working area is around the centre of the screen. I have heard that tablets are a 'must' for graphics and drawing, however before spending big money on one for CAD I would suggest trying the M500 as it's a cheap and very effecticve tool.

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On 12/3/2018 at 3:57 PM, Ron Partington said:

I am needing to change the way I operate VW as the Magic Mouse is causing me severe pain in my fingers. It seems there are two routes to go down with either a Wacom tablet which seems to operate like a track pad with pen or the Wacom Cintiq which is a full graphics tablet. The information I have been getting is to go with the larger Cintiq, which to me suggests more hand movement.


I am keen to know what model in the Wacom range you are using?


I've been using a Cintiq for years now and couldn't imagine going back to a mouse.  Hand movement will depend a lot on palette placement your use of Wacom's customizable on-screen menus.  I just upgraded from the old 21" model to their latest and greatest 32", and I'll admit that there's some adjustment, largely due to my aging eyes.  For example, at its finest resolution I found the palettes and menus to be way too small.  It's a ton a screen and to be honest I'd probably have been just as happy with the 27".  Combined with a 27" iMac, this takes over the entirety of my oversized desk.   When positioned as a monitor, I keep pushing it further away as it really is imposing.  


But I'm slowly getting used to all of the optional menus and extra modifier keys that I didn't have before, and customizing those to reduce menu and keyboard use is making a difference.  The newer models are really remarkably customizable.  


I opted to get their flex arm this time instead of the ergo stand and it was a good choice.  It makes it really easy to transition from a drawing tablet to a second display.  An adjustable height desk makes a big difference as well, since you can lower it down to get the screen at just the right drawing height.  And you might find too that having a desk without a middle drawer helps to get the screen kind of sitting in your lap.  


Also, the current driver and firmware is a bit buggy, which I'm sure is part Mojave.  But they just released a version yesterday that seems to have fixed the main issues I was having, so fingers crossed.  


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I have a little Wacom intuos graphics tablet I travel with. Works fine. I find switching between it and different mice helpful w/ RSI issues.

I use also a XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro display drawing tablet . Works fine for me, although I do fairly simple 2D Drafting. Has been very stable with vectorworks , speaking for myself only.

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Hi there. I´ve just decided to use a Wacom Cintique 22 for my office and I was quite nervous how it would work with VW to be honest.

After 4 weeks of use I could say that it is a very comfortable and fast way of working. At the beginning it was feeling a little strange,

but after a few hours of use it was absolutely intuitive and I loved it. 

I´ve purchased the Wacom 3D pen and configured the buttons to be the move hand and the scroll in/out function and what should I

say? Perfect for me. Drwaing is faster, more precise and more interactive than ever before. I often had an aching shoulder after a long

day in the office, but with the movement on the screen it is much better.

Before I´ve decided to go for the monitor, I´ve searched for a comment like this, but never found one. So I hope to help all out there

having the same issue. :-)

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On 12/4/2018 at 11:34 PM, Donald Wardlaw said:

You can jump instantly

Hi Donald


I've just been trying out my new Intuos Pro S tablet and wondered how other people replaced the zooming feature of the mouse wheel. Do you use the tablet's wheel to zoom? Any other way to replace the mouse's scrollwheel?


Also I found it a bit odd that both the pan-hand and the light blue selection frame do not work properly - not even on vast backgrounds. The cursor grabs the empty background an scrolls - instead of drawing a selection marquee... When I try to grab an item with the normal move-cross it does not grab it - it will not move... Anyone who had the same issues with Intuos Pro? 

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On 12/4/2018 at 11:34 PM, Donald Wardlaw said:

 Here's what I've learned:

You`ve helped me more than you think.

I went for a Wacom Intuos Pro S + L - after 2 weeks or so I don`t want to go back to the mouse thing.

My formerly very awful RSI seems to get better every day. Thank-you-very-much!

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