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Fit walls to objects

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I am taking the BIM plunge again. Trying not to frustrate myself back into 2d!


It's a pretty simple single family home with three roof conditions. The big gable over the main volume is really simple and the wall fit to object command is working great.

The two other roof conditions, one offset gable over the living area and a shed roof in the back are giving me more trouble. The fit wall to object command is making all the walls behave differently though they are on the same wall style. I think it must be an issue with the wall style but I cannot figure it out.


Screen shot-1.jpeg

Screen shot-2.jpeg

Screen shot-3.jpeg

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Often I use a special Design Layer for Clerstory walls. In effect, all walls on the Main Level have a determined and even plate height. The Clerestory walls become gables and half gables.


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Aa, you do not say what version you are using, that would be helpful.  When I look at your screenshots, I have to say I have never seen that collection of results before.  Doubt seriously this has to do with any wall style setting.  Take care that you have a separate layer for your roof objects, so that you can be sure no other object is interfering.  Also, check to be sure your wall offsets and heights (as shown in the OIP) are consistent.  This problem could also have to do with your layer elevation "relative to ground plane" settings.


I always set up a separate layer created for just the objects to fit to, duplicate the roofs there and sometimes extend my roofs or other objects to be sure they are fully above the walls.

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I had a similar problem recently. Finally realised there were a bunch of objects in a non plot class that were not visible that the walls were fitting to. Try and turn all classes on to see if there is other hidden geometry in the layer you are fitting objects to.

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Thanks, everyone, version 2018. It looks like it a non-plot class, plus a layer association. I think we got it straightened out!.

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