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Vision Update functions

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wish list:  add some sort of feedback response message that pops up when you run the Update Dongle or Update Library functions in the Help menu.. would be nice for it to say something like " Dongle (or Library) up to date" or "no new updates" like it does in Vectorworks.  

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Are you still using Vision 4? If so, as per my other reply, please update to Vision 2018. Vision 4 is super old at this point. The update server it connects to no longer exists. 


If for some reason you are getting nothing when you try to run it from Vision 2018, you may be running into a permissions issue. Try right - clicking Vision and running as admin, or running the updater as Admin. This can usually circumvent any weird permissions issues machines may have. 


Again though, don't do this with Vision 4, it was made obsolete nearly 3 years ago.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Weird! For sure try admin, and while you're at it check all of your permissions settings. You guys have an IT crew at PRG right? They may have put in some custom permissions settings. If not, well windows updates have been....aggressive for some chipsets lately. They had one like a year ago that blocked all artnet. Sending and receiving, for any program. It was a nightmare lol.

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