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Hey All,


So, I think I know the answer to this, but is it possible to arbitrarily define a plug-in's Parameter ID's?  Specfically, I have a bunch of parameters that are essentially processed (added, values set, etc) in a for loop and what hoping to essentially set the first group to 101,201,301 and the second group to 102,202,302, etc so that I can loop through the values using a single for loop with just adding an offset to access the relevant parameter...


...but I'm guessing this isn't possible...or am I wrong?




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That's basically what I'm doing.  It's just that I need to have slightly over 100 params (~125) and to get the next chunk to start at, say 201, I need to sit there and add and uniquely name 75 unnecessary parameters...was just hoping there was a way to get around it especially since the parameter dialog has no support for editing multiple items at a time (to set a default, change type, etc) and the keyboard navigation support is also poor.



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