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Fixture Color not importing

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Sorry - Right-click and go to Edit, then Color Wheel, there should only be one dropdown available. You set that to the gel. Clicking on it will open a color picker where you can sort through gels. Once selected, click ok to save then re-send to Vision (or export a new esc). 


Also, make sure your Vectorworks and Vision have both been updated to the latest Service Pack. Here's a link to Vision sp3: 


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17 hours ago, Edward Joseph said:

Try this, select all the lights that you want the same color. Go to Spotlight>Visualization>Edit Vision data. Change either color wheel's slot 1 to whichever color you want. That will allow you to change a bunch at once. 

Looks like this is something that could be be improved on and implemented relatively easily?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Unfortunately it's not a simple fix but we are working on it.

Because color and gobo can be controlled by DMX we can't always send over the information from Vectorworks about the color and gobo.

Vectorworks is a static renderer so we only need to know about the active color and gobo but Vision needs to now about all the colors and gobos that are available.

We are working on a solution but it's not an easy problem to solve will keeping the dynamic rendering rendering required by Vision and DMX controlled fixtures.




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