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assign multiple selection to one specific class - marionette/vwxscript?!

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Hey guys,


I'm currently studying event technology so my software to go is VWX Spotlight. Quite often we receive ground plans of the venue as DWG files or even PDFs. These files are full of information which we do not need. First we have to clean all plans for our daily use which is really time-consuming. We move all unnecessary information to one class which is turned off - not deleted - because later we need maybe some information. To achieve this we have to make a lot of clicks to move the selection on one specific class, let’s say this class is called 00_off. Is there a way so speed things up and move the selection via marionette/script on that 00_off class?


thanks guys for your help

kind regards


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There is a little tool called "Hide Class". Install it in your Vectorworks. Then click on objects who's class you want to hide. Then all those classes are hidden.  To show them again you option click in the Organze: Classes window on the column with the eye.

If you really want to use that single class Idea then you could quite easily change the script and replace "getclasse" and "Hideclass" lines  with


Have fun

Hide Class.vst

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