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HDRI Domes

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That's how I understand it as well...........


Best to ask @PVA - Jim : could you please clarify your statement: I often use Physical Sky coupled with a heliodon for the environment lighting and then just the regular "fake" jpeg HDR background for the visuals and reflections to avoid this entirely. 


from: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/57611-whats-special-about-an-hdri-background/&do=findComment&comment=288065


Is Tom W. correct?

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20 hours ago, Tom W. said:

I struggled with all this recently so be keen to know whether I've understood it all correctly.


I believe Physical Sky backgrounds are simulated (i.e. non image based) panoramic backgrounds which like you say can be linked to a Heliodon so that their appearance will change with the time of day.


HDRI backgrounds are image based so are more realistic but they can't be linked to a Heliodon in the way that a simulated Physical Sky background can.


The HDRI 'sky' backgrounds just have the above the horizon portion of the image present with nothing to represent the ground. The HDRI 'day', 'evening', etc ones have a darker bottom half representing the ground present.


The names of the physical sky backgrounds are just to describe how they look. There are none in the libraries but you can bring them into your file via default RW Styles or make your own.


I've not heard about combining two backgrounds - I wouldn't have thought this was possible.




@Tom W. I found something: You can have the light coming from a background and you can have the background image come from a completely different background .... in the attached video  'Remarkable Renderworks Ep. 26: Environment Lighting' Daniel Jansenson explaines how as of 7.07min.

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Yes absolutely. And you can also have Environment Reflections coming from a third background if desired. I'm sorry I think I misunderstood your original comment in the first post: I thought you were asking if you could somehow combine a Physical Sky background + an HDRI background to form a single backdrop which was image-based yet linked to a Heliodon so that its appearance changed depending on the time of day.

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This is an interior rendering I created with a bit of 'lit fog' shown on the right side of the image., where light its streaming into to the room through a window.


Is this more or less what you guys have been wanting to achieve throughout this thread?


This is a VW file ported over to Cinema 4d to get that 'look' of the misty interior.

VW has a hard time with procuring this, seems to me.

C4d does this really well, regarding the whole 'fog' thing.


If you just want a one-off rendered image I would be happy to take your file into C4d and 'fog' it up for you 🙂





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