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Viewport Camera Automatically Activated



I really, really, really wish when editing a camera via a viewport, that the camera would automatically be activated upon reaching its design layer.  How often (like just now...) have I adjusted the camera, returned to the viewport, updated the viewport and... voila... no change whatsoever?!  It seems very counter-intuitive to right-click on a viewport, select "Edit Camera," edit the camera, and, well, not actually edit the camera...

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Very frustrating when this happens. 

I wish cameras were available in the drop down "views" in the OIP.  

Then make them available in the drop down "standard views" in the toolbar.  

Currently if one links a camera to a viewport, the camera disappears from the visualization palette.  Why? What was the logic there?  Why can't I just create a viewport and have the viewport look through the camera as a view?  


Other camera issues:

Why isn't the fine tuning available in the OIP but instead only as a pop up dialog, bringing all other actions to a screeching halt (like zooming in on the camera view because it's too small for me to see on the screen). 

Why can we not see the camera and it's cone of vision in 3d?  Camera views are a lot easier to rough in via plan and section, and then fine tune.  

The sliders of the fine tune dialog are fussy and slow to update.  Why are there not XYZ coordinates for us to enter in positioning of the camera?  

I have had multiple issues working with camera objects when multi view panes are enabled.  Which is a real drag because, again, having a perspective view available to you while you move the camera around in plan view is much more efficient when trying to set up shots.  But the multiple panes don't always update in real time, and at times the camera will unexpectedly switch to a top down view (???) and ruin everything.  

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