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Plant tag default settings

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Hello everyone

Question for you all, over the years I have developed a file I call 'Office standards"(advise from a VW webinar I saw years ago) where I place amongst other things, I place plant symbols which I often use within drawings. As I create new plant symbols within a design I will export these to this file so that I can create once and use these in future designs. 


One thing that I haven't figured out is the default tag settings on these saved plants. When I import these into a new design I have to spend quite a bit of time going through each plant and changing the tag settings. Below is an image of the default tag and the tag structure I like to use. Is there any way to set this as a default?  This would save me hours of work on each of my designs...thanks for any feedback.
ps, it doesn't seem to make any difference what the tag settings are when the plant symbol is exported to the Office standards file. When re-imported the tags goes back to the default setting shown in the image.

plant defualt.png

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How are you exporting them? Do you not just save them to a User Library via the Resource Manager?


Also, you can select all the plants and change their tag settings at the same time - all the stuff on the Object Info (tag top, middle, bottom etc.) and also the font. Would save you doing it automatically.

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