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Doodle! & Sketch Up-Please Advise

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I've read the past postings about Doodle! & SU here and found users of both strongly feel that these are tools that should be incorporated into VW or be plugins.

Katie, or others, is there a real possiblity that VW/RW will be incorporating 2D functionality for Artistic Renderworks in the "near" future? How about SU's ease and speed to sketch 3D studies? Will VW/RW incorporate these features soon? Should I go ahead and buy or, should I hold off?

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Let me rephrase this:

"Katie, please tell me what will be in version 11.5. If possible, I would also like to know what will be in version 12 and 12.5. I don't care wether this conflicts with NNA's strategy to never reveal anything about future releases, I want you to make an exception - especially for me."

And now the reality check. NNA doesn't tell you up front what they're up to. If you have 11, you will get 11.5 for free. So if 11.5 has those features, you will get them for free. If 11.5 doesn't have them, then you will have to wait until VW has them. And if you can't wait, you have to buy either doodle or SU. Have you checked their prices? How much would you lose on betting that 11.5 doesn't have those features? Not too much, if you ask me.

Bottomline: if you need it, buy it. If you can wait, wait.



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I have both Sketch Up and Doodle and VW11.

As much as I like Artistic Renderworks, it does not provide the sketchy floor plans that I can get with Doodle. Doodle is not terribly expensive. My beef is that everytime I upgrade VW, I have to upgrade Doodle. Right now I do not have a current version of Doodle.

SketchUp will export to VW. I tried it but have not used SU extensively. I agree that SU is a great tool. What I need to do is see how effectively I can model in SU and then transfer over to VW.

Does anyone on this board use both SU and VW?

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Kevin: I've used Sketchup quite a bit for 3D studies and renderings, and even for 3D sketches while field measuring existing buildings. I use VectorWorks for construction drawings, 2d sketching, and presentation graphics.

I've never exported 3D models from SU to VW. In fact, I've never done any 3D work in VW. I tried it but couldn't stand the waiting. It reminded me of my nightmarish pre-Vectorworks life, drawing in Autocad on old machines, with long regeneration times when zooming.

I once exported an SU model to 3ds, and someone else did a rendering from that. The rendering came out very well, and I didn't hear any feedback about problems with the export, but I didn't really ask for any feedback.

I've exported VW plans to SU via DWG, but there were always problems with angles being slightly off from 90 degrees, which threw the model off terribly. Eventually I realized it was just as easy to sketch the plan in SU. It became standard for me to start a project in SU, and then later export 2D projections to VW (via DWG) for construction drawings, which worked with no problems at all.

What's Doodle?

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