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Can you change the Sills class on Windows and Doors?

Tom Thornton


using VW18, and currently using the window and door tool. I've seen that loads of people have had this issue but I still can't find an answer... Can you change the Sills class on both windows and doors to something else? Whenever I want to use my own class for doors, to turn on/off. I'm not the only person that uses this drawing and others might be scratching their head when trying to figure this out, so really want to just get it working so Doors and windows are on different classes - none of this sills stuff! 


If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Saw that there was some auto-classing/standard naming settings but I can't find this in 2018?



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You can set own Classes for (nearly) all Components in Door/Windows

Settings > Classes in the List.


So for Sills you could use the non-plot Class or something own.


I also would like to edit auto-classing but that is much to impractical for me.

For PIO you would use a PIO-Style with fixed and individually editable

settings that all your Windows or Door use.

So that each new Window created will use the same (invisible) Class for Sills.

Which would be a Style-fixed setting while Settings like Length/Width/Height

will be kept editable individually by each PIO placed in the drawing.

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(In 2D or 3D ?)



OK, so a potential BUG.

I dind't notice that in the past. I often use Windows for Doors because of their

extended Sills or vice versa but may have had unlucky Class assignments

that it wasn't obvious.


24 minutes ago, markdd said:

For all us non-architects who have the window and door plugin - what are sills and why do they need their own special class?


It doesn't help much to be an (non native english speaking) Architect either.

I never heard any of these american terms used in VW's PIOs before either.



Sills maybe something like "Fenstersims" and "Fensterbänke"

So the (mainly) horizontal Boards from Wood or Stone or Sheet Metal at the bottom

of the Windows, extending to the inside and or outside of the Wall.

While a similar thing happening in Doors is called "Threshold" in VW.


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The door sill is the threshold at the bottom. 


The Sills class and the Ceiling Main class are left over from the early days of the Door plugin.


The idea was (is) that to show a normal view you would turn on the Sills class and turn off the Ceiling Main class. To show a Reflected Ceiling Plan you would turn off the Sills class and turn one the Ceiling Main class.


Sills basically shows the wall breaks for the door while Ceiling Main shows the wall lines.


Just ancient history that will eventually be fixed someday.

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By default, the Sills class is applied to the door leaf and swing arc in Top/Plan. You can override that in Settings/2D Visualization. Thanks to Door Styles, you can create default styles that eliminate the use of the Sills class for that door style (same is true for windows). When you insert a non-styled door (or window), however, the class will probably be re-created in your file, even if you deleted it.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 9.04.14 AM.png

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