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Total Lengths of Lines on one class

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I am having trouble using worksheets to add up the total length of my lines that are on one class.

I am trying to set the criteria in the worksheet. Along with using the SUM tool. I'm having no luck. 

Any suggestions?



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HI @acrane


I'm assuming you'd like to create this yourself so I'm giving general directions rather than than just supplying a sheet for you.


You don't say whether you want just your 'chosen' class or show all classes in this exercise. I've chosen to 'see' all - You can make changes by adding a specific class name to the criteria.


So, set the criteria as simple as possible - you can add as many criteria as you want. This will just choose lines in general. 




To provide an example, I've set up a special class here called 'Your Special Class Name' - you'll be changing to suit your project.

Then draw a few test lines choosing the Class as you go.

The black line is in 'Dimensions' and the red ones are set to 'Your Special Class Name'

And so, the lines are added to the simple 2 column worksheet. (appropriate headers added)


To Get the above, the column filters are set as below.


Class Name....


(you obviously don't have to Sort, but its provided)


Total line Length...




Come back if you have problems.




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