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Martin d


I have a plan with multiple design layers. 


I wish to set the section of the plan view 'cut' to a certain height - see attached screenshot of layer settings in organisation browser. 


I set the height I want that layer to cut at - nothing changes.


How can I change the cut height of that layer? This is an architectural drawing, it can't be an open gl projection of a model in clip cube.



Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 5.11.20 PM.png

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22 hours ago, Kevin McAllister said:

For whatever reason it was sort of half implemented.


Yes, for now just a little help to display parapet Walls correctly in

simplified Top Plan View Illustration Style though.


While us arrogant users expect a true calculated horizontal Section

with nice dashed and dotted lines for elements above and below :)

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So what is the workaround? I have a building cut into the earth and would like the retaining walls to display correctly as I show 1st and 2nd floor plans. There are site features & stairs which always show as if they were in "site plan" view instead of cutting horizontally as one would like.

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I never found one, the project timescale was too tight so I had to move on which was frustrating. The issue may have been fixed in the new release but I'm not sure.


Our issue was that we had cladding zones directly above low level glazing. On plan this was projecting as being overlayed whereas we wanted the cut plane to be within the window glazed zone.


What we ended up doing was creating a set of high and low level layers for each storey - and then turning these on and off for the respective view port. Not a perfect fix but it did the job.


If you manage to find a better method let me know.



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