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Sheet Layer Printing Issues

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I have VW2017.  I had feel set up as 1:50 on A2.  I need to print A3 for a meeting first thing,  I set the sheet layer up as 1:100 and reset the doc set up to 1:100 and A3.  It all looks great on the sheet layer using Viewport to get all the layers in.  However, when I print it appears to be printing as A2 despite the printer and the page saying A3.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I am presenting in 8 hours and Vectorworks put me to the backlights of the queue because I still have a student version of the software.  I've attached a pdf of one of the files.


Concept 3 Simple.pdf

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check the number of pages in the VW page set up, I noticed that when I change the printer page first (it changes pages size but then crates a a spread like 1.3 pages vertically and 1.1 pages horizontally), then when you change the viewport sheet size it doesn't change.  This is tricky if you don't have page breaks displayed.

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Apart from setting the sheet size you also need so set the printer page size in the printer setup to match the sheet size.

An option is to use the "Choose size unavailable in printer setup" to get the exact size when using Publish instead of printing to PDF, this should take out potential margin issues as some PDF software use a tiny margin anway despite the printer page size matching the VW sheet page size.


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