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Consistent Keynote Legends across multiple sheets

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Is there a good technique for making sure keynotes are consistently numbered across sheets.  For example, if I have a working on a set of elevations, I would like the notes on these sheets to all have the same keynote numbers.


The keynote objects allow you to organize by sheet layer or by design layer.  One idea is to set up a design layer for the types of keynotes you want to group together.   But this is sort of cludgy.  Is there a better way to do this?


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Can we move this to the wishlist? 


What I would like is to click on the callouts and select a new database.  This might be "wall sections" or "elevation notes", whatever group of things I would like to group together.  Then, in the keynote legend, I would like to link the keynote to the database I created.


This would add a vastly improved functionality to the callouts! 





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1 hour ago, cberg said:


 Can we move this to the wishlist?



I made a wishlist item for a similar request awhile ago, but It didn’t seem to generate much interest. The current Keynotes & Legends workflow is really not very good.


Another example of Keynotes acting badly, if you copy a SLVP with Annotation Keynotes & Legend to a new Sheet Layer, all of the copied Keynotes are still looking back at the original Keynotes Legend. You have to manually select each Annotation Keynote and change it to the Default Legend of the copied Sheet.


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I’ve recently started using worksheets as keynote legends and it works really well. 

Keynote callouts are still used but they all go to a single legend. The actual keynote legend is not used except to organise the number order of the notes.


The legend on the sheets is a database worksheet which lists all the keynotes on that sheet. Each sheet has its own keynote legend worksheet.


I’m on my third project with this technique and so far it’s going really well.


All keynote with the same note have the same number.

You can copy and paste keynotes from one sheet to another and the legend will pick up the change.



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That works. The only issue I have with that is that you will see all the keynotes even ones that aren’t represented on the sheet. I find, especially for big projects, that this is just unnecessary clutter. The drawings are a lot cleaner and easier to read if only the keynotes that are on the sheet are represented in the legend on that sheet. 

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