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Curtain Wall - Areas



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CORRECTION! See thread below


Just now, twk said:

Looks like the NNA_TIfcCurtainWall record just carrys id info, nothing to do with Glazing.


I did find what I was looking for using the worksheet functions:

CurtWallPnlAreaGross(criteria, class)

CurtWallPnlAreaNet(criteria, class)


I had no idea these existed!?


Can these be retrieved in a script?


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10 hours ago, twk said:

Can these be retrieved in a script?


I was struggling with this as well. The crux of the problem (certainly for me) is that VW classes the elements and provides an overall class for the complete wall panel and I couldn't see how to retrieve the correct class. Seems to me that VW would have done well to keep things simple and provide a 'component' build-up so the database enquiry could be based on Component(XXX) which works well with general walls. Still, I'm no expert so we work with what we have - and someone will no doubt come back with a reason why.


The element (class) we want is 'Component-CW Glass' (check this out by turning that class view off)


Based on that, Ive got a solution here which you might want to test for me. It reports what seem reasonable figures, but I haven't bothered to strip the walls down and add up the glazing to double check the results.


You'll see it picks up all wall types (add a brick wall to the drawing), but doesn't 'find' CW's or glazing - you may want to modify the first column if you only want a CW solution - else use it in a larger report for all wall types.


The File is 2018 and Metric. Come back at me if I've screwed up.


CW Glazing Report.vwx

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