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Ifc import and classes





I'm looking to understand if an ifc import is supposed to have classes and or layers? 


A single design layer is created just like in a DWG import. However no other classes import and every 3d object is a generic solid. Is this supposed to happen this way? 


The ifc file is being exported from CAtia and I can't seem to find any information on if i'm seeing whats the norm or if there is something I am doing wrong? Do i ask for another file? 


They sent me an STEP file and all it does it trigger the wait rainbow ball from hell for a long time. Am i to assume i just need to give this file more time as its importing a lot of information? 


So as you can see. I need to know its me or is it you? 


George Costanza "I invented it's not me it's you."




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It depends on the way the exporting App defines its geometry in IFC.

From Bricscad I get nearly everything as Extrudes.

Also I get Stories and Layers from my spatial settings.


I think IFC offers some options and these are getting more and more

over the years.

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