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conditional cell formating

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Good afternoon everyone, 


can someone help me with a worksheet function? I am trying to pull out a record if a row and a column match a specific number or letter. Best i can describe is in the image below




In this example - i am trying to pull out 24x36 in a work sheet if the record of column a and the row of 1 match in that cell. 

I am trying to do a metal panel schedule, and want to match the panel dimensions by row and column instead of putting all the information in rows.


Has anyone ever attempted anything like this? the conditional statement of =if(symbol.record),statement is true, statement is false) doesn't seem to work for me, or I am (most likely)providing the wrong syntax to call out the information. Any suggestions please? :)

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I don't think that a VW Worksheet can do what you want. There are currently no Lookup functions to tell you what Row or Column a piece of data is from.


@Peter Vandewalle Recently wrote a script to do a single VLookup, but I don't think it can do your double lookup. But maybe this will interest him enough to modify his script for what you need.



I am assuming that the ABC and 123 in the headers are actually data you have typed in  and not the default row and column headers starting from the top left corner of the worksheet. Trying to use those would make it even harder. Much better to put your own data in.


Also, do you really need to have multiple lines of data in a single WS Cell? I think it would be far easier to work with the data by putting the data you want to extract in a cell with a fixed relative position to your lookup. Or since the top row is generated by the row and column headers to only include the dimensions in the cell.


Good luck

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