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VW Temporarily Freezes When Adding/Editing Text


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When I'm adding text, after I click on the text tool and then a position on the page the program freezes for about 20-30 seconds before I can type anything. After I deselect the text, if I select it once again, the program will again freeze for appx. the same amount of time before I can do anything (change font and size, or edit the text). Any help to get rid if this lag will be appreciated (I need to number the 33 linesets in the fly gallery in the theater I'm modeling in Spotlight, and the lag for each new number is killing me - I can't even copy and paste, because when I eventually change the number, the freeze happens).

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I have a Dell laptop as I said above and driver updates for my nVidia GeForce4 4200 Go video card are few and far between so the last driver update was on 9/18/2003 and is version . I don't think that there is anything I can do about that.

Both of the above mentioned options are enabled - no help.

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Did you get the driver from nvidia.com?

I'm using a similar setup and don't have that problem with the new driver.

Nvidia is actually pretty good about releasing new driver updates. They usually issue one every 3 or 4 months.

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Yeah, but not for laptop video cards. Those are (supposed to be) released by the OEMs of the laptops and Dell hasn't released a driver update in over a year. I tired an unnoficial modification of the NVIDIA detonator drivers that work with laptops called the omega drivers. They're supposed to work really well with games, but their unnoficial so it was a crapshoot as to whether it would work with Vectorworks. It didn't, so I rolled back my drivers to the old Dell ones and still have the same text problem. The program works great in every other respect, thought.

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