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More about Viewport Dimensioning


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Over the past few years, in the AutoCAD community, there was a debate as to wether to dimension objects in paper space or model space. The problems were as follows:

1. If you dimensioned in model space, the dimension scale had to be tweeked in order for the text and arrows or hashes to show up at the right scale in paper space.

2. If you dimensioned in paper space, there was no associativity with the model.

They resolved this by creating "Trans-spacial dimensioning" in which you dimensioned in paper space, but it reffered to the objects in model space.

Anyway, Vectorworks has gotten very close with "Annotate Viewport" on it's first try (they had years to learn from Autodesk's mistakes), but there's one important thing missing: associativity through the viewport. Not only can I not dimension angles or arcs, but nothing is associative. This must be fixed soon for viewports to really be useful.


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