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David O

Get IFC Pset Value error ...

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Hello Marissa and other Marionette friends


When using Get IFC Pset Value node i'm getting the following error message (2018 SP3)




It seems to be something internal in the Python code ... isn;t it ?


Tks !




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Hello Marissa:

Thanks for your prompt reply...

The object i'm feeding into the node is a Space object ... so, yes it does have PSets (several...) attached...

The issue that i noticed here was that those Spaces were recently applied with the Space tool so their entity were IFC Standard Spaces not IFCSpaces...

The curious point is that, the entity Space Standard shows several PSets (and of course... the one defined to be read by the node ...) in OIP 

The error message was not very clear regarding what was happening.

Yes... i think that the absence of a parameter should not present an error message by the network


Again tks for you suggestions and also for sending the node avoiding the error message ...






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One added think regarding the node Get IFC Pset Value:

In a network i'm working on with Spaces (see attached file...) i'm having a bad time using this node because when changing Pset parameters the node sometimes "stuck" in old values... i change the values in the fields in the object (in this case Spaces) and the node seems not to follow...


I could make things work normally when i switched to use Get Record Field node instead... But i wonder why Get IFC Pset Value doesn't 

Is there maybe a trick to make this node update accordingly with new Pset values ?


Thanks for any hints !




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